Without friends or helpers in this world sometimes finishing a project can take longer or be more frustrating.  But when friends hear of your project and what you need to accomplish it or that local shop owner agrees to let you shoot in their boutique - it is those moments that takes them from being a friend or genuine person directly to Angel status.

I have had several Angels fall into my lap in 2012 and 2013.  I am grateful to all of them because of the twinkle and shine they bring to each part of the project.

- we are especially grateful for those who help our vision come to fruition.  

February 16 @ Urbanic Paper Boutique 

April 27 @ Oliver Ifergan's

May 11 a.m. @ Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum

May 11 p.m. @ Arnaud's Boat Marina del Rey 


Coming Soon:

Linen summer dress meets more linen

Nirosha's sugar plum fairy dress

Bambi's bridal gown takes a scissor clip to another, but different, party