Events and In the News

B. Layne Creations holds the first Eco-Fashion Workshops at Occidental College

Buff State Runway

After meeting with Buff State fasion director Lynn Boorady, we were honored by a request from fellow staffer, Erin Habes, to be a juror for Buff State Runway, their annual fashion show.  This years theme just happened to be Ecolution, our specialty.  Thank you for the honor to be included.

Green Festival 2013

It was an honor to participate in Green Festival 2013.  It gave B. Layne Creations and the team for Eco-Transformations an opportunity to launch the concept of direct textile recycling:  the ability to transform one's wardrobe and housewares directly into something new or newly usable prior to heading the the market, boutique or mall for that questionable purchase.