Facts = Knowledge

In the everyday competitive world of cosmetics and beauty many are returning to the natural botanical route for their cosmetics.  Certain fruits had been used for thousands of years to obtain their pigment for beautifying, attracting or just honoring a traditional or tribal visage.  

These links lead us to a few of the top suggested cosmetics and beauty care products.  But as everyone is different you may need to do your own research or sample testing. 

The beauty and the beast of our internet world is in part the ability to blog and review - so one must think about your own sustainability standards or possible physical limitations or sensitivities to certain products and choose what not only makes you feel beautiful but that which maintains your health.

1)  link to 100% pure 


2) link to redapple lipstick 


3) link to Physicians Formula Organic Wear 


now.......PF Mineral line seems to still be taking a beating for its association to continued use of petrochemicals, however the Organic line, one that is ECOCert, holds its own when reviewing ingredients.  And to date - I am not certain there is another Mascara out there - I am still looking if you someone has found another to try.  I am pretty happy with this product - I only need to find a compatible under eye cream so I stop looking like a racoon within a few hours.