Technology and Fashion

Fashion and Technology – They certainly do mix.


Today there are never ending resources for the recycling endeavor. 

And recycling in Fashion is finding its way one company effort at a time.



Early in the recycling effort on the fashion end of things NIKE ™ was recycling shoes for various sports purposes, mainly surfaces such as courts, turf, and sports fields, - They call it NIKE GRIND.  The last I investigated they do not discriminate by brand – they accept any sport shoe and sort it for you.

Although NIKE took a hit on their reputation years ago with respect to sweatshop workers and low wages, they are making a comeback in their respect for people and planet by also using no water dye processes. 

Give them thumbs up and check for your recycling centers below. 

Good job NIKE – keep up the good work!

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A second of the earliest corporate clothing recycle pioneers, as well as veteran climber, was Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard.  He started Patagonia’s recycling efforts as early as 1993 by using Fleece made from post consumer plastic bottles. 

This effort continues today by an expanded recycling program.  You have the option to ship the Patagonia item back or drop it off at a location near you.

B.Layne Creations is an enormous supporter and fan of the Patagonia mantra because is goes beyond the typical Reduce Reuse Repair Recycle scenario.  The ability to Re-imagine our sustainable future is, in essence, critical to sustaining our planets future generations.

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The North Face®

The North Face takes a trifecta in recycling and sustainability because they also follow a stringent Chemical Responsibility program.  This effort includes but is not limited to their collaborative effort with bluesign®technologies and

Restrictive Substance List (RSL) which reduce the environmental impact via their supply chain and respecting chemical restrictions globally in the manufacturing of their products respectively. 

B. Layne Creations® has not yet completed any re-designs from Patagonia or The North Face apparel lines – and that is only because their items last

“4Evah”, since I am the proud owner of several of their items.

Therefore we are left with the reminder that sustainability and recycling in their most general senses are both certainly commitments to the endeavor. Yet, even in the fashion world, that endeavor does not have to impact severely the highly guarded lifestyle of perpetual fashion.  One can continue to be a fashion plate, fashionista, or what ever the new trend term may be while purchasing quality products and paying homage to the planet and honoring ones style at the same time.