Although a trained analytical validation chemist Bambi has been an avid recycle and ecologist since visiting her grandparents farm as a child.  She learned at a very early age that barely anything went to waste (or should go to waste), as it was reused until the point of non functionality.  Egg cartons  went to start seedlings for the grandparents garden.  Bags of clothes were shared and re-shared through the generations.  The entire family were no strangers to hand-me-downs, making new items extra special or easy to critique because of substandard quality.

Her passion for re-creating garments came in 1994 when she was still attending D'Youville College in Buffalo, New York.  The first re-creation came from dissecting a tuxedo shirt, once used as her uniform for the dinner boat she worked on with her mother, summers before.  Bambi  cut this shirt collar in a draped boat neck form from shoulder to shoulder - hand stitching simple thin black velvet around its color and adding a black ivory cameo button trimmed in gold to the top of the placard.

Her English professor Miss Julia loved it and claimed it was very Chanel.  It was a grand complement indeed.

Bambi Layne uses her first initial and middle name for most business purposes because too many times when she uses her true given name no one takes her seriously.   But that is life and 46 years later she won’t bother to change it now :) 

The entrepreneurs, conceptualize, create and commence the implementation.  Subsequently, however, after those processes we need to formulate a team.  This team, for her comes in the form of the not so average or ordinary.  They are not ordinary because they are Angels.....These Angels started dropping from the sky in 2012 and early 2013.  They are Angels because the entrepreneurs cannot do it all ourselves.  They transpire and conspire with you.  They give up their weekends. And all do a great bit of something for practically nothing only to specifically see your dream come to fruition. The Eco-Transformation process has not been any different and Volume 2 is moving along in the same fashion.

These Angels they are AWESOME, EXTRAORDINARY and very APPRECIATED!!!!