@ Urbanic Paper Boutique

Josh and Audrey of Urbanic Paper Boutique were our photo shoot angels allowing us hold our first shoot at their location.  

We came in early and finished just in time for them to open their doors for normal business because we really don't like to intrude on our peeps or inhibit their normal business activity.

We only want to honor them and say Thanks Josh & Audrey for supporting our endeavor of EcoTransformations.

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@ Marina Del Rey

We finished up our second shoot Saturday on friend Arnaud's boat  with a shoot in Marina Del Rey.  Trying not to be too much of a disturbance but having some local sea faring neighbors be curious enough to sit in and watch is always a complement and treat.  

Arnaud brings French culture and charm to Los Angeles through his supply of antiques, hardware and charm.  He is a global supplier but he is still a global recycler.  Visit him at the Golden Lion on Lincoln Boulevard or at the main show room on Robertson Drive in Beverly Hills.

Thanks Arnaud - you are a life saver, thanks to be part of our day.

Thanks to Xavier Rogala for standing in as an extra for my lovely beautiful (and TALL) friend Sonia - it made for a well balanced shoot.

Thanks Xavier!!!

-thanks again to all you Angels!!