The concept of EcoTransformations for the B.N. There Clothing Line is specifically to recreate pre-existing items from clothes and textiles within the current inventory or stock. The stock and inventory specifically references the items already in my closet as well as any vintage (or not) item I may have received through a clothing swap, from my Aunt’s or even past purchases that somehow didn’t work out - yet were not returned in a timely enough fashion.  Stock and inventory also includes previous fabric surplus from earlier clothing and quilting projects.

The B.N. There Clothing Line is special in that supplies to actually make the newly recreated or repaired item are minimal to, optimally, zero. However to accomplish the project in a timely manner allowable purchases include thread and zippers, where warranted.

This project has been underway for three years and half years. We hope you enjoy the creative efforts put forth to share this creative path with you.