Desigual Me

Inspired by the boutique, this process, similar to Google Desigual has become a verb in my particular vocabulary.  

DESIGUAL the boutique , focuses on artisan craftsmanship where many pieces are silk screened by hand, many styles have an elegant patchwork or applique appeal. I drew from this designer a desire to salvage items that were tortured by by nemesis coffee and occasional clumsiness. Ok the clumsiness can be more than occasional but who is critiquing me but me.

A shirt, again with that sentimental attachment was salvaged by appliqueing a ribbed panel on the front, an overlay panel at the waist band, as well as a butterfly on the back. I am not certain coffee clumsiness was responsible for the stains on the back nor do I bathe in coffee - but either way the stains needed to be covered.

Sonia debuts this piece on our front page as she will also debut it at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris, France while singing a beautiful Aria about nature. Just waiting for that acceptance letter. Wish us luck.

DESIGUAL - thank you for the inspiration.