Recreate Me

Although our specialties are Re-Pair, Re-Create and Transform it - we do handle simple alterations. Including this lovely sequined dress.

Sarah said it fit like a glove and we were able to transform the excess into an evening handbag and jewelry sack.  There is just enough left to create/cover a hard case evening clutch.

Worn away collars and cuffs can be recreated.

The entire concept for the line was to specifically utilize items in one's closet that no longer fit or those that had exceeded its past or current wear appeal.

It is true there are numerous ways to recycle your clothing by simply donate them to a friend or charity. Yet one ends up hoarding those clothes until feeling overwhelmed.  However I was truly interested in seeing what could be accomplished by physically utilizing the material of those items no longer worn by transforming them into something new with it always remaining somewhat familiar.